Monax Labs is a web3 infrastructure studio on a mission to ensure that NFT transactions are safe, secure, and legal.

We are a company that builds at the intersection of NFT infrastructure and legal technology. Our solutions are unique because they address legal gaps associated with NFTs.

Your Ultimate NFT Platform
Monax Labs is building Aspen, an NFT minting and transactional platform that helps users manage and grow their NFT portfolios and businesses.

Aspen serves Creators, Collectors, Brands, Institutions, and Enterprises who choose Aspen because of its unique positioning and its legal tooling. The platform can be accessed via the Aspen dApp or suite of APIs.
Monax Labs is pioneering a set of technical standards for NFTs that address legal issues. By addressing these issues, the standards will be able to extend many traditional property rights into digital domains.

The standards will be open for anyone to utilize within their platforms. The initial effort is focused on three areas: IP protection, possession versus ownership, and the ability to assert title over NFTs.
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